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Pushing Policy to multiple PulseSecure endpoints

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Pushing Policy to multiple PulseSecure endpoints

Our company has been using PulseSecure as a Web VPN portal for many years. We started with just one system at HQ, but now we've expanded to 6 systems worldwide for better regional performance. They all have their own policies and this is becoming a problem, as we are having to figure out which system to put users in and we're duplicating a lot of efforts in our configurations. Ideally, we'd have one policy that we could push to all the systems and the we could allow the user to select which one to log into. I've looked into the "Push Configuration" option, but that looks like it could be painful to manage as we have several lower level admins setting up access. It appears PulseOne could handle this, but it seems pretty pricey. Is anyone currently doing something like this with success?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Pushing Policy to multiple PulseSecure endpoints

Pulse One would be able to serve this need, yes, so that once a change is made on the master you, or another admin, would login to publish the change
Push Config will be the easiest way with your existing infrastructure to ensure the configurations are synchronized by adding a step to any configuration change that it has to be pushed to the other systems