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Question about Browser Request follow-through

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Question about Browser Request follow-through

We are looking at having our juniper IVE be our only entry point into corporate websites.

Our problem with this is that our users need to have a nearly seamless transition.

(i.e. all their favorites and email links they receive still need to work the same as before)

I have a http redirect in IIS 7 that works for most links. goes to,

This even works using the $S in the redirect to pass the full path of the page you are requesting. is redirected to,

The issue seems to be on url's similar to this one:

It looks like the information behind the ? is not being passed?

Is this a redirection issue and if so does anyone know how to fix this? Or if someone has a better methodology on how to accomplish this, I am all ears...



Occasional Contributor

Re: Question about Browser Request follow-through


I have found the correct combination for redirection however, it still isn't working properly.

I have this redirect in IIS 7.0: has a 301 redirect to$S$Q

This takes me to the Juniper login page but when I login I receive a 404 error. The address bar has the correct url listed and in fact if I refresh the page, without changing anything in the url the page comes up fine?

If I am logged in already and click the link ( I am properly redirected to that page behind the juniper IVE?