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Question about options for help desks

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Question about options for help desks

On our Nortel solution, users can log out of their desktop session and keep their tunnel open so the support desk can then rdp into the client's machine and do whatever they need to do. Juniper's logoff on connect doesn't allow a new user to log into the machine and the tunnel disconnects.

Is there a way to provide some sort of rdp after tunnel establishment functionality for the Juniper SSLVPN?

Also, is there a way to get the NC tunnel to run as a service with some pre-loaded credentials, so that when the help desk may need to reboot an end-user's pc, NC would start automatically and the help desk would be able to log back in?

Thanks for any ideas...

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Re: Question about options for help desks

VNC or some other live remote access software will be the way to go in your case so that after the tunnel is established the helpdesk can take control of users current session and not log them off.

Also as far as i know i don't think there is a way to run the netwrok connect as a service and besides that will be a very very bad idea using a static password for a tunnel is never a good thing.

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