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Questions about HTML5 RDP Resolution

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Questions about HTML5 RDP Resolution

I am trying the HTML5 RDP feature recently. I found several questions as below while configuring and using HTML5 RDP in PSA.

1. What does it mean if I leave fields "Width" and "Height" blank under screen settings in "HTML5 Access Resource Profiles"?

2. I have setup a HTML5 Access Resource Profile (RDP) with blank "Width", "Height" and "DPI". When I use my windows laptop to access the remote desktop through HTML5, the resolution is fit to the screen but if I use Mac book pro (13.3") to connect it, the screen is squashed. It seems the resolution cannot be autofit optimally to Mac book pro. The resolution of my Mac Book Pro is (2560 x 1600). I noticed that the maximum resolution setting supported by PSA is 1920 x 1080. Is it the reason why the HTML5 RDP cannot be autofit optimally in Mac book pro?

3. I tried to use anther HTML5 RDP product like Ericom Access Now, the resolution is fit on my Mac book and windows laptop.
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Re: Questions about HTML5 RDP Resolution

Same problem here.

PSA seems to contain Guacamole 0.9.9.

Current version of Guacamole is 0.9.13 (a lot has happened since 0.9.9).

1920x1280 screen resolution on the destination definitely is NOT a limit of the RDP protocol nor Guacamole!

They should get PSA updated.