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Questions about SSO with no-rewrite

New Contributor

Questions about SSO with no-rewrite

Hi everybody,

I want to configure SSO through basic Auth/NTLM when users click on the bookmark links in the front page after SSLVPN logon.

Most of our intranet resources are standard windows auth., so I follow the general example from the admin guide and setup resource policies and profiles.

The SSO work with no rewriting options enabled(default) .

However, it don't work with no-rewriting rule is checked.

Also, it don't work when i open a new IE windows and type in the URL.

So my questions are:

-is it normal or any missing steps?

-is IVE support SSO over WSAM?

-would OS upgrade (6.3?) will solve this issue?

My plaform: SA-4000 (IVE5.5), WSAM auto launch after logon.

Thanks & Regards


Super Contributor

Re: Questions about SSO with no-rewrite

In the "no-rewrite" case, The IVE does not intermediate the interaction with the web server, so I don't think there is any way for it to do SSO.  This applies as well to WSAM, since it is just a special case of "no-rewrite".