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RDP License per SA device or per cluster?

New Contributor

RDP License per SA device or per cluster?



I am trying to find out if the premium RDP Java aplet license for SA devices is required per SA or per cluster? Does anyone know?


My scenario is we have 2 SA4500 and want to enable 100 users for RDP with the license. Would I need:

1) A single 100 user license which is shared across the cluster?


2) 2 x 50 user licenses then, the same as access licneses, the each can burst to double it's own capacity should the other device fail?


3)2 x 100 user licneses. Because RDP licenses don't burst and can't be shared between the SA's?


4) Another option?


Any ideas?


Many Thanks,


Respected Contributor

Re: RDP License per SA device or per cluster?

i think it depends on your cluster type.

if you are using an active/active, best to do 100/device to make sure you can host all users on either side; if you are using active/passive, 1x100 should be fine

your SE can help you our=t best when ordering as well