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RDP through SSL VPN

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RDP through SSL VPN

Hello Experts

I am giving RDP through SSL VPN. But my concern is that:

1- user should not be able to copy and paste files from his local pc to remote server. How I can prevent this

2- user should not be able to access any other thing from that RDP server


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Re: RDP through SSL VPN

aeroplane, there are a number of ways to allow remote desktop through the SSL VPN. If you are allowing it through VPN Tunneling (TCP port 3389) then you lose the ability to lock it down RDP features through the SA / MAG. You would have to manage it through group policy. However you can control the RDP destinations that users are allowed to connect to through VPN Tunneling Access Control policies.

To control RDP features like file copies and drive mappings you can instead have your users use the Juniper Terminal Services Client. To do this, set up a role or a resource profile that allows Terminal Services access. You can then set up Terminal Services options and access lists to restrict the features and RDP destinations that you don't want your users to have access to.