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Redirect & Changesite not working


Redirect & Changesite not working

Hi There !!!


I have application hosted at two sites, since my loadbalancer doesn't support session persistence, have to accomodate the same in the ZXTM.


The approach was to use a site specific cookie and based on the cookie value redirect the request if the request has be pushed to the wrong site. 


So if the site cookie was having value as Site1 and the request has come to site 2, then we are trying to use http.redirect(Site2+http.getRawURL()) but this doesn't seem to be working


Am getting 0 byte response for Http 302


So would like to understand:

  • If this is the right approach for the given problem
  • Is it right to have the redirect (as i dont want to change the site)
  • and should it be part of the rules dealing with the request not response


Thanks In advance