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Redirected folders - error accessing \\SERVER\Desktop

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Redirected folders - error accessing \\SERVER\Desktop

For security purposes we have enabled redirected folders for users documents, desktop, ect. As we do not want info on the users c: drives.


This is obvioulsy fine for when users are in the office. 


But when they are on VPN they get an error:

"Windows cannot access \\Server\Home$\user\desktop"


I have created a script to restart explorer.exe and placed it on the laptops C: drive

I then have the Pulse run a cmd that calls the script to restart explorer from the users C: drive.  (So it can run the restart script minimized)  **in the user roles - VPN Tunneling - Windows: Session start script**


Does anyone else have this issue, and what are you doing to rememdy it?





Re: Redirected folders - error accessing \\SERVER\Desktop

are you seeing this when the start script runs?
are you seeing this elsewhen?
does it happen if the user runs the script post-login?
is that server listed in the ACL &/or split tunneling policy?