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Refresh Existing Connection

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Refresh Existing Connection

Hello - I use Pulse Secure for work all the time; and I often my connection will need renewed as the 10Hour limit is approaching. It would be useful if there was a way to refresh/renew (add more time to) the existing connection so my sessions with machines within the network remain intact (perhaps by re-entering my credentials).


Is this possible? or does it pose a security threat?




David (at NIWA New Zealand)


Re: Refresh Existing Connection

Hi David,


This is possible.  Your admin would need to configure it - see



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Re: Refresh Existing Connection

I will move this thread from "Feedback" to the "Pulse Connect Secure" Forum:


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Re: Refresh Existing Connection

As akanoon is noting, the limit on this session is a choice by the pulse secure system administrator.  If you work requires a different value you can open a ticket with your help desk asking for that setting change and why you need it.


These limits are generally put in place to prevent people from consuming a license and never logging out.  And also for a security reason not keeping things logged in to sensitive data when people are clearly not actively using the computer so an authorized person getting physical access would.


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