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Regex in hostchecker registry rule

New Contributor

Regex in hostchecker registry rule

Hi folks,


We are trying to use a regex in a registry rule to restrict connections to certain Windows devices. All these devices are named PC-001, PC-002, ..., PC-099. So we created a hostchecker registry rule using the registry key "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\NV Hostname" with the value set to "PC-0[0-9]{2}$". Unfortunately this didn't work even though it's the correct regex for what we are trying to achieve (PC- followed by a zero followed by two digits followed by end of string).


The note just underneath the value field reads "Regex match is supported for Value field. Example: Fire* (matches with Fire, Firewall, Firefox), Fire[*?] (exactly matches with Fire* or Fire?), Firewall (matches only with Firewall)." So an asterisk matches multiple characters just as a wildcard in Windows.


Unfortunately, this doesn't match where an asterisk is said to match the preceding character or expression zero or more times.


Using "PC-0*" as value is working fine but not exactly a regex.


So we are now a little bit confused about what Pulse calls regex and especially what syntax can be used for checking registry values. Is there anyone who has more details on this issue?


Best regards,



Re: Regex in hostchecker registry rule

what version of software are you using?
i believe it is a "loose" interpretation of regex…meaning wildcards are supported but not true regex