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Registry checking on 64-bit Windows platforms

New Contributor

Registry checking on 64-bit Windows platforms

I'm finding that HC checks a slightly different path for registry values on 64-bit Windows platforms than on 32-bit. There are some discussions on the site but nothing which really adresses any way to work around this or if something will be implemented at some point to address it.

For example, I'm trying to check a key which shows a workstation's domain membership located under the following key on a 32-bit OS:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currently Version\Telephony

This same key also exists on a 64-bit system with the same data I want to query, but HC checks the path below instead:

HKLM\Software\ Wow6432Node\Policies\ Windows\Currently Version\Telephony

I expanded it to show the difference but you get the idea - HC always assumes this alternate path even though the data doesn't exist there. The key I want to check is in the same location on both 32 and 64-bit systems but HC can't check it on the 64-bit.

Our goal is to identify a key unique to our deployed systems without having to continually push out a custom key or integrate it into an image. Knowing whether or not it was on our domain seemed like the most logical way to check.

Is there an alternate way to check this key on 64-bit systems, or is this something that's been addressed so far?


Re: Registry checking on 64-bit Windows platforms



Please have a look at this Junper KB.  There will be a link to Microsoft's website with additional information as to why this is occuring.  Essentially based on the different views with 32-bit vs. 64-bit operating systems, portions of the registry are stored separately.


In order for Juniper to address this, it will require a planned effort.  I would suggest opening a JTAC case so we can properly track this issue.