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Reject Users

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Reject Users

Hi Guys,
I have a query about pulse secure VPN Client,
I configured the Timed Access list on VPN Access Profile that Allowed the connection from 8 AM to 11 PM;
in our scenario when the Client trying to connect using VPN Desktop after 11 PM it will be connected but when they are trying to access the connection that is defined in the access list will be rejected due to the Timed access list.
for now, that is good, but I want Pulse Secure Desktop client when the users trying to enter their username and password after 11 PM reject the connection before the Pulse Secure Desktop has been connected.

Is there any way to solve this concern?

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Re: Reject Users

Hi @amjad.ra2 


You can create an expression to be used during the role mapping. We are using this one, associated with a stop rule in the begin of the role mapping. Explanation: user of LDAP group block_0030_0800, and time between 00:30 to 08:00


groups=('block_0030_0800') and
time = (00:30 TO 08:00)

If you what at 11PM the VPN Session be disconnected, you must Enable dynamic policy evaluation at realm level.


I hope it helps.


Best Regards,