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Remote App

Jeroen Bismans_
Occasional Contributor

Remote App

Hi everyone,

I have questions regarding Remote App on an SSL VPN.

Does anyone have a guide or a configuration sample for me on how they have configured?

I would be most gratefull.

Also, on my SSL VPN, I have firmware 7.0 and I have an extra field called "Applet".
But on the device where I need to configure this, they have firmware 6.5r2, I don't have this field.

But the release notes from the 6.x firmware say that their is support for the remote app.

Should I recommend an upgrade?

Can anyone please be so kind to assist on this? Smiley Happy

Occasional Contributor

Re: Remote App

the details are in the config guide for the sa device available at

tcp applications can be used via either WSAM (windows only) or JSAM.

Applet is only required if you use JSAM and the application used a dedicated applet.

Respected Contributor

Re: Remote App

What type of Remote App are you referring to? I am guessing Windows 2008 new functionality, if that is correct, you should be able to configure using the following:

Users>Resource Profiles>Terminal Services

Create new profile

Provide the server details and save

Choose the role

Click on the bookmark listed on the Bookmarks tab

Check the option for seamless window

Give the application name in the provided text box

The Java applet is available in both versions of the OS; the difference is that 7.0 has one built-in that can be licensed for an additional price whereas the 6.5 OS requires you to upload your own applet in order to provide this [fallback] support.