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Remote Control greyed out in Meeting

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Remote Control greyed out in Meeting

I have just discovered the Meeting function of our SA4500's

I have a question.

If I am the meeting organiser am I able to do this from the LAN side of the box or does all this setup have to be done whilst connected to the VPN?

We want to use it as a support tool and getting our support team to disconnect from the LAN and VPN onto a wireless is going to be a pain.

Can anyone tell me how to setup a meeting from the LAN side of the VPN appliance and also how to remote control a machine.



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Re: Remote Control greyed out in Meeting

You can access all of the funtionality of the SSL box from the LAN side including Secure Meeting. The unit ships with a "free" two user license for Meeting so you are limited to that, attendance wise. You must enable the meeting function for the role(s) as appropriate.

Once enabled you can click on the Meeting button at the top and set up either an instant meeting or a scheduled meeting. A URL is generated which can be emailed out to the attendee(s). You start the meeting and then other member(s) join it. You can then transfer the presentation of the meeting to the other attendee who can in turn share their desktop and then also let you do remote control of it.

That is the high level overview. If you need more detail just give a shout out.


Re: Remote Control greyed out in Meeting

Hi Roger,

Make also sure that your firewall is not blocking access from your LAN to your SSL device.

You might wanna look at your DNS as well so that you have a record to resolve your SSL box's URL from the inside.

Make sure that your hostname is set correctly as mails will be sent containing the URL https://hostname/meeting/xxx

This is mostly important when you would be sending invitations to the outside world but anyhow ...

As Keith said, just give a shout if we can help you.