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Remote Desktop to Machine/User CLient

New Member

Remote Desktop to Machine/User CLient

Hi All, 


We have a setup of Machine & User Realm for one of our clients but we are finding an issue when trying to remote desktop to the windows machine. 


Below is an example of what is happening 


- Turn on Laptop - drops into macine realm/VLAN/subnet

- Attempt to RDP to laptop to troubleshoot issue with domain credentials

- Once RDP session is establised via IP or FQDN, it stays up for around 10 seconds

- After 10 seconds the RDP session disconnects - it appears to be trying to move to the User Realm/VLAN/Subnet

- No access is given to the laptop


I get this is expected behaviour but has anyone found a way of getting around this and managing laptops with this set up?






Re: Remote Desktop to Machine/User CLient

yes, that is expected
i am not sure of a way around that other than possibly using a machine-only profile