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Remote SSO Static Form Value

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Remote SSO Static Form Value

Trying to do a Remote SSO form post for a web based application through ans SA6000. The application expects username, password (both dynamic and populated by the IVE) and a third field which has a static value. This static parameter begins with a special character:  /wEPDwULLTE2MDU5NTQ3NTQPZBY

The IVE is replacing the "/" with %2F thereby throwing off the application. I tried to escape the character with \ but to no avail). Is there any way to tell IVE to not mess with the static value and pass it as is?



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Re: Remote SSO Static Form Value

I believe, normal way of the treating the post data is URL encoded. So, as per my experience, the value "\" does encode to "%2F" - So, the SA would encode the same with that value and send it to the backend.

According to my experience, the backend application should be intellgient enough to "decode" it back to "\" which is not happening here.

May be it is a configurable option on the backend? - Could you please check on this regard?