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Remove/hide specific Citrix Applications - ideas ?

New Contributor

Remove/hide specific Citrix Applications - ideas ?

We are using SA6500 - v6.2R3.1 - WSAM / Network Connect and Citrix Web Interface (v4.5)

For security / privacy reasons, most of our customers don't want the users to be able to start some of the Citrix applications, any ideas how do to this (without using Citrix Terminal Services) - they prefer to keep the Web Interface, but to hide some of the applications when connecting from the Internet, if possible on a "per user" setting.

The Applications are presented to the users, based on membership in the W2K3 AD (application groups)

I have looked into many things; Citrix Terminal Services, blocking specific Citrix Server ip's etc.

I know that the Citrix guys are planning a Citrix Platform upgrade within 3-4 months (Citrix 5.0 - Win2008) - however i don't know if this upgrade will provide new / other solutions to this problem.