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Replacing SA appliances with new MAG

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Replacing SA appliances with new MAG

We're considering replacing our old SA hardware with MAG appliances as part of an upgrade project and I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to import a config exported from an SA appliance on the the MAG appliances?

2. If yes what is the minimum version that can be installed on the MAG? (SAs are currently running 6.5)

3. Is it possible to convert the SA licenses to MAG licenses?

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Re: Replacing SA appliances with new MAG


To answer your questions

1. Yes. Make sure you do a Configuration Export and also a User Account Export to get everthing.

2. MAG series start with release 7.1, however you will need 7.1R2 if you want secure meeting to be supported. I exported from release 7.0R3 to 7.1R2 without any issues so far. Just check you SSL certs after you import.

I have not tested an import from 6.5 but cannot see why it would not work.

3. You need new licenses, however I believe that Juniper has some specials when upgrading from old SA to MAG series. Check with your reseller.

Hope this helps


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Re: Replacing SA appliances with new MAG

For information, just tried downgrading a MAG2600 to 6.5R4.1 and it fails saying 7.1 is the minimum version for the platform