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Reporting user access?


Reporting user access?

Besides using the system/status/overview graphs and log monitoring/events/statics tools, is there another way to batch together all user logons per each realm and the time they spent on their session.

I would also be interested to know what other monitoring tools that I can use in the IVE to generate report data if possible.

The specs for my appliance is below.

model-SA 4000

current ver-6.0 R 3.1



Re: Reporting user access?

Take a look at a product called ClearView from nwgtechnologies. It will process all of your logs and generate alot

of out of the box Reports and Alerts. Appliance based and built to look very IVE like, in its GUI.


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Re: Reporting user access?

What we are doing here, as we did not find anything appropriate are two things:

- "curling" every 5 mins with a read-only account over the IVE's concurrent user pages, and parse this page's data into a DB so that we can get statistics on the concurrent user niveau, also grouped by realms / roles.

- letting the IVE send logins + logouts (filtered based on a filter on the ive) to a syslog server. the server itself is sending messages of this facility to a named pipe which we are reading and parsing a) sucessfull logins b) failed logins c) logouts.

But this function we do not use much as datacollection like this is always a serious problem. But it should work to calculate user session durations, at least approximately, because you won't see the real session time when a user closes his browser without explicitly logging out.

In case you need the (php) code for the first thing, just let me now, nothing really wild.


Re: Reporting user access?

We use NetIQ to gather metrics. We use syslog to send the User Access Logs to the NetIQ system which then runs some scripts to parse out the information we are looking for such as number of logins, Auth Realms used, number of failed logins, and session length.

You can also use Radius accounting.