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Request Header Forwarding

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Request Header Forwarding

Greetings !


I'm working with a Sharepoint Server for another company. The sysadmin there gave us access to the Sharepoint server through a Juniper solution (he called it a VPN, but from our end it behaves more like a proxy).


The thing is, I need full access to Sharepoint's REST API, which means that in my HTTP requests, I am using some non-standard headers. And these headers aren't being forwarded to Sharepoint. I've tried to explain the issue to the sysadmin, even showing him how the problem would be solved using other proxy solutions... but he doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about.


If I knew what solution he used, maybe I'd be able to help him. From our end, it looks like this:


Does anyone have any idea what the sysadmin is using from his side ?

Does anyone know what he would have to do to enable request header forwarding ?

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Re: Request Header Forwarding

When you access Sharepoint does the URL have a 'danainfo' in its string? If yes then you are accessing sharepoint using Juniper's Content Intermediation Engine (aka Rewriter).


The rewrite engine does strip non-standard http headers before forwarding your browser's http request to a backend server. This behaviour can be changed by the sysadmin. The config option "Allow Custom Headers" is under Resource Policies > Web > Custom Headers.