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Retransmissions and MTU Size

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Retransmissions and MTU Size

Has anyone tweaked their MTU size to resolve problems with retransmissions over Network Connect ?

I have a case open where its been suggested I discover and possibly alter the MTU size on my client machines. There is also a MTU setting on the IVE.

If you've done this, please share your experiences.



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Re: Retransmissions and MTU Size

fyi, in case anyone is looking for the same solution, apparently this is resolved in 6.0R4.2

from the release notes:

"If NC user accesses the IVE through the virtual port, MTU size for the NC adapter was defaulting to 1400 instead of 100 less than IVE port's MTU size. This is fixed. (52482)"

I'll report back if it doesn't.. Manually setting client Network Cards to an MTU of 1382 resolved my problem as well. 1383 doesnt work. I used a free tool called Dr. TCP to set the size. You have to set the size on the physical network card you are using.

The thing I dont get is that if my IVE's default MTU size is 1500, which it is, and the NC Adapter will not be 100 less, I will still be at 1400 which will still cause issues.