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Roaming not allowed debug

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Roaming not allowed debug



I am trying to remotely connect using the Pulse Secure app. I am unable to connect because i get a connection error on my work laptop. The error is 1128.


I then try to connect remotely using a personal laptop (on the same network - WiFi) and I do not get any errors.


Can I share the connection log (from work laptop) to see if there is an application or something that maybe causing my work laptop to get the error 1128?


How do i troubleshoot further to investigate why it does NOT work from my work laptop, but the connection works from my personal laptop?


Any insights or help would be greaty appreciated.





Re: Roaming not allowed debug

Hello @charmin8719,

Short-desc = Roaming not allowed for connection
Long-desc = The network address of this client has changed since the
client originally authenticated, which is not allowed.


Roaming connection not allowed would be observed on the Pulse Client only if the VPN server sees that the connection is sourced from a different Public IP address rather than one which was used at the start i.e. public IP address of the WiFi connection got changed which caused the VPN server to deny the session. Generally, allow roaming sessions can be enabled on the VPN server.


Please use any public IP finder sites like and see if the public IP of the WiFi connection gets changed during the connection failure, compare the IP address using personal and work laptops. If yes, then check if you have any proxy applied on the work machine's network settings.


Thank you,



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