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Role Page templates


Role Page templates

I am probably just over looking something, but is there a template type customization available for the Role pages after signin?

I know the signin pages are customizable via templates and I want to make some similar modifications to the pages displayed after the role is assigned.


Re: Role Page templates

This is configured under Session Options.

For the default style applied to all roles that don't have their own options defined, click User Roles > Default Options > UI Options.

To create a separate style for a particular role, go to the role's main page and check the Session Options box which tells it not to inherit the default session options. Hit Save, then simply click on UI Options under the General tab near the top of the page.

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Re: Role Page templates

Yes, just edit "SelectRole.thtml" in the custom sign-in pages template.

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Re: Role Page templates

The bookmarks page is not customizable on the SA device beyond what is on the UI options for the role.

If you want to present a different mechanism, you would need to use the custom start page URL.

The SelectRole.thtml page does let you customize the role selection page some; but nothing beyond that.