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Routing from internal to external port

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Routing from internal to external port



I have a Pulse Secure. Users connected to internal port cannot connect to internelt though external port.


Internet --> DSL router>External pulse pulse


is there any routing to enable between internal and external ports?


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Re: Routing from internal to external port

No, the pulse server is not a router. This is a server to provide SSL VPN connections into a network.   Typically deployed in a DMZ for connections to come in from the internet port forwarding and grant access from the pulse server to internal network resources.


The two ports are there if you are using dual dmz setup for the server to have inbound ssl vpn connections come to the external port while the internal port provides the connections into the internal resources.


Steve Puluka BSEET - IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro-Ethernet & ISP) -

Re: Routing from internal to external port

To tag along with what spuluka said, are you able to access internal resources? Is an internal system able to trace route to the VPN connected system?
It is possible that the network does not have a route for the VPN IPs to send back to the internal port of the appliance (where all traffic is sourced from and VPN traffic needs to be able to get back to).