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Routing problem with SA2500

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Routing problem with SA2500

Hello everybody !

I have a SA2500 configured with 2 gateways :

- One on the Internal port (default gateway metric 0)

- One on the External port (default gateway metric 2)

One of my authentication servers is an external radius server (on the internet) and I need the SA2500 to reach this radius server thru the External port. To do this, I've added a static route with metric 0 in Network/Routes/External view.

But when I go to Troubleshooting/Tools/Commands, I can use Ping test or Traceroute test but both are only usable with VLAN Port "Internal Port" and there is no way to select the "External Port" ! I don't know why ???

The fact is that the SA2500 reach the Radius server thru the Internal Port. I want it to use the External Port because it doesn't works thru the Internal Port.

Does anyone can help me ?

Thanks in advance for any ideas !



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Re: Routing problem with SA2500

Vincent - the SA series does NOT support authentication through the external interface. There is NO way around this. I had a customer that beat me over the head for days on end in regards to this issue and I can gaurentee you that all access to AA servers must be through the internal interface or the management interface on the big box (SA6500).