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SA 2000 - Spark Web Authentication Issue

New Contributor

SA 2000 - Spark Web Authentication Issue


We just installed an Openfire XMPP Instant Messenging Server ( at our company. I'm trying to use a web-based flash chat client called SparkWeb ( to connect to the Openfire server.

I have a web link set up in our SA 2000 for http://server/sparkweb/SparkWeb.html. The website loads up OK. But I can only authenticate if I am connected to Network Connect. When I am not tunneled, I get an error saying "not authorized." I am using LDAP authentication with Active Directory 2003. It tries to make a socket connection to port 5222 on the Openfire server. This works fine within our LAN and when using the Juniper web link while tunneled. But I would like to get this working without being tunneled. We have opened ports 5222 and 5229 in our firewall with no luck.

Is there some type of policy I need to set in Juniper? I do not see any errors in the logs in Juniper or Openfire.

Thank you.

Regular Contributor

Re: SA 2000 - Spark Web Authentication Issue


Currently the IVE doesn't support rewriting Adobe Flex files (I read up on the client you mentioned and found out it uses Adobe Flex). You might be able to get it to work with JSAM, if you wanted to go that route.

I would look into using a different client. Take a look at the Java clients on this list. You may find better results with one of these: