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SA 2500 CPU% Tops 100% Usage

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SA 2500 CPU% Tops 100% Usage

I'm running a 2500 and my users are connecting with NetConnect.  I've noticed that there are periods of time where the CPU on the appliance is pegged at 100% usage even if there are as few users as 2 or 3 logged in.  It appears when this happens that users will be disconnected from netconnect but still be able to access the secure website.

I haven't been able to track down whats causing the issue yet.  But, I've noticed the problem happens sometimes when users are connected to the OWA exchange client or sometimes when virus scan updates itself (Trend Micro).  But it doesn't always happen when a user is doing either of those things.

Has anyone else experienced an issue similar to this one?


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Re: SA 2500 CPU% Tops 100% Usage

So your logs do not show any warnings or similiar during the time of this peak?

Did the IVE already create a systemsnaphot? If so this mostlikely indicates that something crashed. (or at least it was the two times we had such issues in the past, even though it happened without using NC at all)