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SA-2500VPN Remote users Requirments

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SA-2500VPN Remote users Requirments




We are using an SA2500 SSL appliance. We have windows users who directly login to our Terminal server

Our Apple users are using the ProperjavaRDP client.

Now I am working on a requirments document for our remote users.

We do this because we are getting calles from people with windows XP (no SP) with chrome who want to use the terminal server. So does anybody know what the system requirments are? So wich Java version? wich windows version? wich browsers?

I also need this for the mac.


I tried to search the internet but came up with nothing

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Re: SA-2500VPN Remote users Requirments

Well Juniper does publish the Supported Platform Guide which provides all of this information for both "qualified" and "compatible" platforms. The basic spec for XP is SP3 w/IE 7.0 or FF 3.0 and up, and JRE 6.0.


7.4 Version here:


Chrome is not "supported" but I run it all the time with Chrome. I also use an older version of Java due to some compatiblity issues with another software package. So running Terminal Services with Chrome with JRE 6.x on Win XP SP2 works fine. You do get an annoying Java out of date error message but it runs ok. 


MAC, again it is in the above referrenced guide. I use 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 - Safari, Chrome and FF. Chrome on the MAC is VERY problematic and most of the time won't run well if at all. Safari and FF are fine. Again, multiple version of JRE, 6.x and above with the only issue being annoying error messages saying I am out of date.


Hope this is what you are looking for and it helps.