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SA-3000 IVE 6.1

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SA-3000 IVE 6.1

We purchased a SA-3000 a while back. So far we have had no trouble with upgrading the software, and we have kept a maintenance contract on it this whole time. I went to upgrade from 6.0R2 to 6.1R2 this evening and get this message:

Service Package Installation Status

The installation process takes a few minutes. When complete, the system needs to reboot. Please wait...

  • Step 1: Verifying package integrity ................ complete (13 seconds)
  • Step 2: Extracting install script ........ complete (5 seconds)
  • Step 3: Runinng system compatibility checks ... complete (0 seconds)
  • Step 4: This hardware platform is not supported by software version 6.1R2 Build 12965 ... complete (0 seconds)
  • Step 5: Upgrade aborted ... complete (0 seconds)
  • Step 6: ... failed

The current license page shows as a SA-4000 - but I know it was a SA-3000 when we made the original purchase.

Any ideas, or am I to tell my Director that our hardware can no longer be updated, and we have to spend umpteen thousands to get new hardware?



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Re: SA-3000 IVE 6.1

The SA 3000 hardware does not support 6.1 as far as I know...

This is the info in the release notes:

From the 6.1 release onwards, the SA1000, SA3000 and SA5000 series platforms are not supported.


Message Edited by stijn on 04-30-2008 05:57 AM
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Re: SA-3000 IVE 6.1

Thanks for the information.

I have already talked with my Director. Needless to say, he isn't happy.

I guess I need to check and see if the yearly maintenance is still good, or if they plan on dumping support for the SA-3000....