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SA 4500 Deployment Issues

New Contributor

SA 4500 Deployment Issues

Hi Folks

I have a SA 4500 with two J6350 that I need to deploy. The J63's will go on the edge as a cluster and the SA 4500 will sit behind. Now the original plan was to get internet service from a provider but the client is pushing me to use their existing internet connection for which I have no control and cannot define the NATing. Now it seems like a no go situation but just to make sure, can I use the existing link and make the SA work without defining any nating on the existing CPE.



Valued Contributor

Re: SA 4500 Deployment Issues

Hey Mazhar - it does not sound like it will work. As you know you will either need to be able to NAT or you will need a public address for the box in which case you could expose the outside I/F - but without one or the other - no luck.

Silly client Smiley Happy