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SA 4500 and Vlans

New Contributor

SA 4500 and Vlans

We have a new SA 4500 and are trying to set up multiple VLANS on it. The VLANS are define but once we tag (SA is hooked to a foundry) the interface with the 3 vlans, the external interface on the SA is not reachable and the logs state the gateway is not reachable. From what we have read, the internal interface must use untagged traffic. Do we need to define Virtual Ports for each VLAN to work? The VLANS do show up in the drop down menu upder Users. Anyone using multiple VLANS on a 4500?
Super Contributor

Re: SA 4500 and Vlans

You may certainly use VLANs on the internal interface. A role's traffic is directed to a VLAN based on the "Source IP" settings for the role. Management traffic, since the SA4500 does not have a management port, goes out the internal interface as untagged.