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SA-4500 capabilities

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SA-4500 capabilities

Hi All,

I'm a Cisco guy, relatively new to Juniper. We have purchased an SA-4500 for SSL VPN. We have gotten this up and running without any major issues. I have a couple of questions however.

1. We have been kicking around other methods / policies for remote access and someone mentioned having credentials / certificate stored on a USB drive. When you fire up the VPN, USB drive is required and any caching is done there. When the drive is removed, the PC has nothing left on it. Similar to the "Secure Virtual Workspace" idea, but requires a specific device for authentication. Is there a Juniper appliance that will do this? The gent that brought this up said they had used Citrix for it.

2. Is there any word on support for Secure Virtual Workspace on 64-bit windows? We seem to be moving more and more workstations / laptops for 64-bit with Win 7.


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Re: SA-4500 capabilities

For #1, I am not aware of anything that would do that. You could do cert auth with the certificate on the USB drive; but that would still leave information on the machine.

For #2, you will need to check with your SE. I have heard it is something being looked at, but I haven't heard details on when/if that will be released.