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SA 6.5r4 and OWA 2007 upgrade issue

Occasional Contributor

SA 6.5r4 and OWA 2007 upgrade issue

I thought it would be helpful to put it out there that there is a known issue with the latest SA release (6.5r4) and OWA 2007. There is nothing in the release notes about this but there is a PR opened (527943) and we've been told a patch is expected in June.

The behavior is users receive a 404 from OWA when trying to sent a message with a certain length. The 404 is coming from the CAS server but gets passed through the SA into the OWA GUI.

We ended up rolling back and will make sure to test OWA from this point out in our lab.

I have no idea if OWA 2003 is affected since we're only running 2007.

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Re: SA 6.5r4 and OWA 2007 upgrade issue has been written for this issue and covers the root cause of the problem.

If you currently attempt to download 6.5R4 a warning pop-up appears with the following text:

"In IVE OS 6.5R4 there was a slight modification made in the way the SA platform handles the http 'POST' method. This change may cause issues for applications whose back end web server does not support the http 'HEAD' method. For more details and latest status on this issue, please refer to KB17485

If you are certain that you still wish to download, click the Continue Download button..."

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Re: SA 6.5r4 and OWA 2007 upgrade issue


FYI, OWA 2003 is affected as well...

We have to wait for the fix.