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SA 6000 with WSAM

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SA 6000 with WSAM


I have SA 6000 ssl box in Active Active cluster with DX3200.We are currently Using NC for client connection. we have client server application.our requirement was during SA failover Client retain the same Ip otherwise client disconnected.Using NC we are map each and every user with Class B series IP. so client retain the same IP.we have more then 1500 clients and for each we have to assign one single IP address with different roles and realm.Here so much admiistrative Task we have to do

I want to Know same was possible with WSAM ?

because in WSAM client PAT with  SA Internal IP address. so when One SA box fails client session transfer to Second BOX but client IP change to the internal ip of the second SSL box during this Client application disconnected. 

Is it possible for client to retain the same IP using WSAM when SA failover? 

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Re: SA 6000 with WSAM


you can configure a Virtual Port on your internal Interface. After this you can choose this port in the role where you use the WSAM. It is a little bit like NAT on role.

This Virtual Port switched at a failover. So you have allways the same source IP in your internal LAN.