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SA 6000

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SA 6000

Hi ,

Pls suggest me how to use & understand SA 6000 box, I am new in this.... Any book or URL...

One thing more in my office we already have NS ISG1000, then why we require SSL VPN box, as 1000 support VPN also??

Thanks.. Himanshu

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Re: SA 6000

"Juniper's SSL VPN solutions use SSL, the security protocol found in all standard Web browsers. This eliminates the need for client-software deployment, changes to internal servers and costly ongoing maintenance and desktop support. Juniper SSL VPN Secure Access appliances combine the overall benefit of a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional IPSec VPN client solutions with unique end-to-end security features. Enhanced remote access methods enable the enterprise to provision access by purpose for virtually any resource, including those that are jitter or latency sensitive."

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Re: SA 6000

Himanshu - a good book (though a little dated) is "Juniper Networks Secure SSL VPN" by Syngress. Also reading through this forum is a very good source for configurations. The ISG1000 you have is awesome for site-to-site IPSec VPN connections. It also supports remote-client-to-site IPSec connections.

The SSL-VPN box provides a much richer remote-client-to-site connection offerings. IPSec is only one delivery method, SSL is a primary way to provide resources to remote clients. It is browser based and allows you to get very detailed in determined what resources you provide and how you provide them. Also allows for a lot of control as to whether or not to grant acesss to a remote client based on how their PC is configured.

ISG1000 and SSL-VPN are apples and oranges - both taste good but really different flavors.

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Re: SA 6000

Thanks friends... I have also downloaded the pdf file from juniper site (Screen OS) for SA 6000... Sure I would go for Syngress publication. Same publication I used to understand the Juniper fw (Syngress Configuring Juniper Networks Netscreen and SSG Firewalls) , really it is one the best books.


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