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SA 700 VLAN & Radius LDAP usage &IP pool

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SA 700 VLAN & Radius LDAP usage &IP pool

I plan to buy SA700 because I need only NC for my inforstructure needs. I have several question about this SA device :

1. Do I right understand that it doesn't support VLAN. This meen that I can't put certaion user group in seporate VLAN. If this is true I can use sa 700 on plain network. I will assignt several ip address for one interface and will assign ip addresses thought ldap.  In this situation  without VLAN I can't use DHCP feature for my VPN users.

2. I want to assign ip address to certain user from LDAP. I found topic where is described several information about this topic. Here is the topic.,2814.0.html I created IP atribute (<userAttr.userIpAddress>) in LDAP schema but I don't know how to configute ive to take ip address for users from ldap.

I have radius server also, my radius return to ive framed-ip-address attribute but I don't understand howto apply this address to client.

I know that I need to play with Server Catalog expressions but I don't uderstand how. Smiley Sad

 Does AS 700 have some other major (network and other) differences from AS2500.

Could you please assist me. 



Could you please assist me.

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