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SA 700

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SA 700

hi all,

Just want to ask what is the possible problem why most of the time i'am encountering this error in juniper SA 700.

We are using Host Checker to register the user who wants to access VPN. But when they tried to acces the SSL VPN they are encountering this error. Please see attach. Most of the time I'm encountering this to our client whose OS is japanese language. Is there a problem with the langauage pack?

I don't know what's the error but i already registered the MAC address of the pc to SA 700 but still i encountered that problem.

Supposedly, if the mac address is not registered it will show you that your mac address is not included in the list of mac address registered on the machine. But unfortunately all that is shown in the message is a blank list of mac address.

Please help!!!!

thank you!

Valued Contributor

Re: SA 700

Have you looked into the user log in the SA700 to see what error message is logged there? Also is that a "custom" instruction message being displayed? Does not look like a normal SA error message.

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Re: SA 700

I had someone translate the message for me. It basically says that the machine failed a HC check.


If you can change the user's PC to use the English language and the issue goes away, then it might be a problem that we need to fix for clients that are configured to use the Japanese language.


We'll need to know if the issue shows up on both Japanese and English languages. If it fails on both languages then you'll need to look into the host checker logs: (on XP) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Juniper Networks\Logging\debuglog.log The log will have more information about the issue.


If you need more help you can always open up a JTAC case as well.