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SA Platform confusion

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SA Platform confusion

I want to make sure I'm up to date with the OS version on my SA but I'm not sure whether I can safely apply the latest 6.4. On the outsdie of the box it says it's a netscreen SA 1000 but in the admin console under platform is clearly says it's SA-2000 and again in licensing??? Does this mean I can continue to apply more recent updates than 6.0R3.1 or am I stuck at this level now for SA 1000?



New Contributor

Re: SA Platform confusion

Same here. I thought we had an SA-2000, but it looks like we either never really had an SA-2000, or got "downgraded" to an SA-1000" during a warranty replacement of the box. I just tried to upgrade to IVE version 6.4, and was told the platform (SA-1000) isn't supported.


Richard Herbert

Occasional Contributor

Re: SA Platform confusion

The display is wrong. If you have a SA-1/3/5000 it will display as SA-2/4/6000, but unit is still the original model. You cannot load any code after 6.0 on any of the SA-1/3/5000.

If you look at your Hardware ID, you can figure out which model you have:

SA10 - SA1000

SA30 - SA3000

SA3F - SA3000-FIPS

SA50 - SA5000

SA5F - SA5000-FIPS