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SA SPE meets VMware 5.5

Occasional Contributor

SA SPE meets VMware 5.5

Hi all,

I had some problems configuring the VMware distributed switches v5.5 in conjunction with a SA SPE and VLANs on the internal interface.

The Juniper document "AppNote-Virtual-SA-appliance-with-VLAN1.pdf" only provides information for older VMware versions and I can´t find a guide for VMware 5.5.

So after some time, I found the following solution:

- the VLAN configuration on the VMware distributed switch should look like  VLAN Type = VLAN Trunking, VLAN trunk range = 0, 10,30, where 0 = the untagged internal interface of the SPE and 10,30 are two tagged VLANs

- on the physical Cisco switch I configured the native vlan on each port connected to the vSphere Servers. ( switchport trunk native vlan xyz )

That´s all, without additional or dedicated ports for the SA SPE.

Hope someone could use this information