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SA Virtual Hosts

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SA Virtual Hosts

First of all, I don't know if I placed this in the right forum, so if not, my apologies. My rather odd quesiton is as follows: Is it possible to have two different virtual host names that point back to the same internal backend url? Given that the SA barks when I attempt to apply this, my keen deductive abilities are leaning towards no. However, I have to ask.

Here's how the whole mess works:

User 1 logs into website A, where they are challenged by 2 factor authentication. Once passed, website A provides them with a dynamically generated list of files they can access.

User 2 (of a different business entity) also connects to website A and follows the same login process, however the website they are presented with, even though it has the exact same back end host, has a different external virtual name.

Yes, I think it's idiotic too, but I didn't design the system and the individual who originally implemented it is no longer with the company. So, in order to buy a little more time for someone else to develop something new, I've been asked to see if this can be fronted by the SA.

Sadly, the only way I can get it all to play nicely is if I use an alias for the internal site on one virtual host and the internal hosts FQDN on the other virtual host.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and I really do apologize for such an idiotic question.


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Re: SA Virtual Hosts

This is the right forum for this query.

What do you mean by different virtual host names vs the same back-end URL: is this for access a la passthrough proxy or authorization only URL on the IVE OR is it the backend server link?

If you are using either of the IVE options, yes, you are correct it will not work as the actual hostname on the intranet is required to be unique.


As you noted, you have several options to use to work within the IVE framework:


one with the actual FQDN and the other with: IP; or fake name using the hosts file on the IVE; or different internal FQDN

both using fake accesses via IVE hosts file


Good luck!