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SA as reverse proxy and persistent sessions

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SA as reverse proxy and persistent sessions

I'm probably asking the same question that dozens, if not hundreds of others have asked...


When using the SA as a reverse proxy, how can I enforce session termination after the user has closed their browser?  I've tried the disable persistent session option, no joy with any browsers that support multiple tabs.


Even if a user has multiple browser windows open, with only one associated with the SA, if they close the SA application window, they can open a new window and bypass the first factor authentication. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: SA as reverse proxy and persistent sessions

When using a browser that shares the cookies between multiple tabs/windows, the cookie is accepted as valid (since it is). In order to not allow this, you will need to use an aggressive idle session timeout; there is no way to clear the cookie/session until the user logs out OR the session times out.

This is a limitation of the cookie sharing.