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SA licenses


SA licenses

I have two 6611 with 500 users licenses on each node ( total 1000 user licenses). I want a setup that if node a fail, node b still running and still able to serve up to 1000 users. Will active/passive setup work?
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Re: SA licenses


Yes, it does not matter if A/A or A/P, logic is the same - the total 1000 user counts will be shown in both nodes at the top of the license list showing 500 for each node. This (1000) is the cluster wide user count that can be serviced from any node. Maximum that a node will service will be what is left available , and since A/P uses only 1 active node, then the whole 1000 will be max for that node even if the other died since it can borrow from the node that died the amount it contributed to cluster (500) so total still is 1000.

Hope that helps.



Re: SA licenses

Hi @Felipe, @after1

I would say you should describe the Grace time: which is about 5 Day's (as I know).

That does mean if you're in a cluster and have 500 users on each node, you'll have the 1000 User until the grace period expires, afterwards you'll have only the 500 users license until you're adding again the second node.

Hope this helps



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Re: SA licenses

NULL is right about the implications of a disconnected cluster node and the validity of full 1000 user license only for the grace period.


BTW  the grace period was increased to 10 days from 7.1r2 onwards.

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Re: SA licenses

Another point I was told is that if the licenses are not equal on both boxes then when one fails the other can only "borrow" up to the size of its licenses. So if you have 300 on the cluster split 100/200 and the 200 boxes fails you have 100+100=200 not the full 300. I guess most people would keep it balanced but there could be the temptation to buy a single bigger license block to save some money.

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Re: SA licenses

Hi @dcvers,


Yes, you are correct; the licenses need to even out