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SA2000 Exchange 2010 EWS

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SA2000 Exchange 2010 EWS


We would like to use Exchange Web Services (EWS) on Exchange 2010.

Clients are iMail on Mac book.

I have created a url on internet (just like i have already made for activesync). I haven't checked the "ActiveSync traffic only" and I have added a policie to limit access to the ews directory on exchange 2010 server.

It's working BUT... In User Access Log, I see Webrequest results are 200 and 401 ... The sync working but it is really slow.

I think 401 error is a problem of credentials (caching credentials). I don't know if the probleme is knowned or not.

I have tried to force traffic in http 1.0 and also tried to force basic authentication but not resolved.

How to debbug / resolve this ?

thank you.

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Re: SA2000 Exchange 2010 EWS

these are status codes of the  request where 200 stands for request fulfilled and 401 stands for unauthorised

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Re: SA2000 Exchange 2010 EWS

You can check to see what the backend server shows; but the EWS client on the Mac is not true activesync and may not work through the proxy system. Does it work internally?