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SA2000 and Hyperion WebAnalysis Reporting

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SA2000 and Hyperion WebAnalysis Reporting


i'm trying to get access going to Hyperion webanalysis reporting via a couple of methods on my SA2000 with no success.  The application calls a JSP page:, which spawns a java applet that talks to

Initially, I thought that a web profile would be OK - I have a *:* (ie, open) rule on browsing so assumed it would work. No.  Tried launching the link in a new window - no difference.  The landing page displays, but the applet is not spawned...

I then created some WSAM destinations to and - still no go (same behaviour as before) and then tried JSAM with a similar config and still no go.  

Everything works if I use network connect, but I don't want to do that for everyone...Can anyone help?

thanks in anticipation!


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Re: SA2000 and Hyperion WebAnalysis Reporting

I had to use WSAM to get Hyperion Workspace to work.  I'm not familiar with the Hyperion products, so I'm not sure if it's similar to the WebAnalysis Reporting.