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SA2000 cpu always at 100%

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SA2000 cpu always at 100%


First of all, sorry about my poor english,  i'm new in this forum.

The issue:

Our SA2000 it's running OK, but since weeks ago the CPU monitor is always at 100% and it's sending IVE CPU alert traps all the time.

 Platform info:

Hostname: www

Model: SA-2000

Last Reboot: 266 days, 5 hours, 51 minutes, 21 seconds

Current version: 6.0R4 (build 12733)

Rollback version: 5.5R2.1 (build 11965)

    It's a production system and we can not restart it. Have you any ideas about this?. Is there any way to reset only the monitoring system?

Thanks in advance and Regards

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Re: SA2000 cpu always at 100%

As far as I know you can not reset the cpu counter, as it just measures the cpu load. But how about ignoring those snmp traps?

We also had this issue, running on 100% cpu load for days without taking effect for the users beeing on the system.

Aynway just rebooting helped. But I guess an outage of maybe 5 minutes that a reboot may take should not be a problem.

Don't blame me but if this system is so important you'd have redundancy so that you might reboot just parts of your cluster without any outage (or maybe just a relogin for some users).

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Re: SA2000 cpu always at 100%

We had the same problem using a SA 4000.  One day I noticed the cpu at 100% and it would sustain for a few hours.  It has been resolved by upgrading to 6.3