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SA2000 script/api

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SA2000 script/api


I was wondering if there's anyway of exporting the Statistic page under System->Log/Monitoring without having to log in everyday and cutting and pasting into an excel sheet the following morning.

I believe the Archiving allows me to actually copy the log files across to another server, however I'm just wondering if anyone has a better solution than that?

Is there an API or export script I can use to get the statistic page into excel without the manual task of doing it?

I'm interested in doing some reporting at the end of the month to be presented to the mangement. This is probably the first of many reporting to be presented and if anyone has any clue on some of the possible scripting I can do, it will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: SA2000 script/api


Sending your logs to a external syslog server and then use a tool like Sawmill for the reports is one suggestion, another solution would be to use "archive" if you don't like to use a external syslog server.