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SA2500 NIC Dropout

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SA2500 NIC Dropout

My SA2500 drops off the network every 6-8hrs. When it happens I can not even ping the device although all the lights are on including NIC lights. I power cycle the device and everything works perfectly for another 6-8hrs.

The box was working fine for about 8 months and just started without any change I could think of.

I have tried upgrading the firmware, changed the switch ports and cables and played around with the duplex settings of the NIC.

I am only using the internal port of the device due to a simple small network.

I turned on logging but then found they were encripted so don't know what is happening once the device drops.

Can anyone help?



Re: SA2500 NIC Dropout

I suggest that you open a case with JTAC. JTAC will be able to decrypt the logs and provide further insight into this failure.