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SA4000 Web bookmark - Dlink camera DCS-5300

Occasional Contributor

SA4000 Web bookmark - Dlink camera DCS-5300


I have a DLINK DCS5300 camera working fine: I go to a IE, enter the camera ip address, login and I see the image (video).

I added a web bookmark into my SA-4000 (my manager want to access the camera from home to spy on us!). I log fine to the camera page but I see no picture (video)??!!?? If I hit the snapshot option, I see the picture taken from the camera but still no video; the video screen is black.

Looks like the SA-4000 blocks the video???

Any help would be appreciated!


Super Contributor

Re: SA4000 Web bookmark - Dlink camera DCS-5300

I'm sure it has to do with the ActiveX used by the web server on the DCS-5300.  You might be able to make it work using passthrough proxy, but you could definitely make it work using JSAM.  Or you could use WSAM with the software which comes with the camera.