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SA4000 to PSA3000 conversion

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SA4000 to PSA3000 conversion


I have a case where i have a SA4000 that is all kinds of EO'everything, and is to be moved to a PSA3000 device.

The SA4000 is a software version 7.1R14 and the first version on the PSA3000 is 8.1, so we cannot simply copy the config.

The current config is a pretty complex one, so manual work is out of the question. So the two possibilities as i see them are :

* Find a migration tool that will convert the config automatically

* Move the config to a MAG which can run 7,1, upgrade that to 8,1 and then move that to the PSA3000

Anyone got any tips on which direction i can take ?

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Re: SA4000 to PSA3000 conversion

You could try doing an XML export/import of the more complicated policy pieces.

Re: SA4000 to PSA3000 conversion

Export the system.cfg (for your certificate and VLANs, if needed) and your user.cfg (for the bulk of the confusion) from your SA and then import it to your PSA.
The configurations are forward-compatible
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Re: SA4000 to PSA3000 conversion

Thanks for the reply. We will try that, as ive heard that its actually possible to migrate from the latest SA4000 release to the pSA3000

I will post the result in this thread for future reference